Congress - Hotel Bystrička


Congress room has a large seating variety available. It is convenient for organizing training courses, seminars, business meetings and parties.

Technical equipment

Flipchart, data projector, screen, writing implements, air-conditioning, dance floor, DVD player, CD player, photocopier, fax, Wi-Fi connection throughout the hotel

7,9 x 12m – room dimensions

CINEMA (100 people) / SCHOOL (90 people) - Type of seating

U (80 people) / I (36 people) / T (45 people) - Seating shape

Private room:

The private room is a multifunctional room situated on the ground floor, near the reception and the restaurant, intended for family meetings and small business meetings up to 16 people. It is furnished in style with possibility to rearrange the seating to customer satisfaction. The room contains a screen.

Room dimensions- 4,5 x 7,5m

Type of seating - CINEMA (18 people) / SCHOOL (10 people)

Seating shape - TABLE (18 people) / I (16 people) / T (15 people)